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Observe, analyse and
apply the data!

21 / 09 / 2016

Observe, analyse and apply the data!

Today, analytics is everywhere. Sensors are entering our everyday life and, for the first time in human history, our environment is starting to ‘talk back’ to us. This is radically changing the interaction we have as humans with our environment. At the SAS Forum 2016 we’ll welcome a world-class master in showing how data impacts our world, namely Prof. Carlo Ratti, founder of Carlo Ratti Associati and director of MIT’s SENSEable City Laboratory.

Prof. Carlo Ratti, together with his research group, explores how digital data and technology are changing the way we design and ultimately live in cities. His international work and innovative ideas have earned him recognition in Esquire’s ‘Best and Brightest’ list, in Blueprint’s ‘25 people who will change the world of design’ and in Forbes’ ‘People you need to know in 2011’. Prof. Carlo Ratti was also a presenter at TED2011 and is currently serving as a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council for Urban Management.

Prof. Carlo Ratti uses passive datasets – like our telephone calls and garbage we throw away – to make surprising visualizations of urban life. One of his best-known works is the Digital Water Pavilion at the 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza, Spain, which was constructed as an interactive environment of moving water and light effects, controlled by simple gestures captured by sensors.

At the SAS Forum 2016, Prof. Carlo Ratti will talk about how analytics is being applied to make cities really smart. Besides that, he will share his ideas on the evolving IoT landscape and the way analytics can be used to improve performance, not only in cities but also in all organizations.

Want a taster of what you can expect? Watch this introduction video with Prof. Carlo Ratti!

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