We kindly invite you on March, 3rd as from 13.30 to our yearly Academic Conference, jointly organized by KU Leuven and SAS at KU Leuven premises. Mark your calendar ; the full agenda will become available here.


No matter whether your focus is on education, fundamental research or business research, everyone has witnessed ‘change’ one way or the other in the world of data. The rise of big data technologies has created a sound foundation for digital transformation and will continue to do so as digitization affects more and more domains and industries.

As more data becomes available through evolutions like Internet, IoT, FinTech, Mobile apps or online behaviour… the ability to gather, process, govern and analyze this data becomes essential in many research domains. And logically the big data topic and skills that come with it, receive nowadays a place in education, preparing thus the students for the reality to come.

Join the SAS Academic Conference if you are:

Professor/researcher not using SAS today but curious

  • To learn where SAS stands for today, illustrated by real-life analytics cases
  • To know more about its applicability in business programs, its usefulness as pedagogical tool, its added value in advanced research
  • To find out when SAS can be an interesting choice, instead of or as complement to Open Source.

Professor/researcher using SAS today and – on top of the above – also curious

  • About what’s new in the latest versions of SAS and what is to come
  • Examples of SAS used in a variety of research domains.


We have a limited amount of seats, so mark your calendar for the 3rd of March and register now by simply sending an email to elisabeth.versailles@sas.com.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Date & Time

Thursday March 3rd, 2016
13.30 – 18.30


KU Leuven
Thermotechnisch Instituut
Kasteelpark Arenberg 41
Routebeschrijving (Thermotechnisch instituut = nr. 41)


+32 2 766 07 00
Elisabeth Versailles
Academics Relationship Manager

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