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Introduction - Digitizing the real world

Mathias Coopmans, Business Development Manager, SAS

Traditional organisations are more and more digitalizing their existing processes. At the same time we observe new companies having their business model centered around their data or data generated by their customers. More than 10 billion devices are connected to the Internet today. All together they form the Internet of Things. All of the data generated by these devices and communicated between them represents a huge new data source for SAS to use in helping our customers.


Connecting JMP to SAS and other external applications

Arie Weeren, consultant statistics and scientific computing at StatUa

This presentation shows how JMP can be used to connect to SAS and other applications. In this way JMP serves as a familiar and user-friendly front-end for custom applications. This can for example be used to analyze live data from the internet. Starting from an introduction of scripts in JMP, it is shown how connections can be established and used.


Take the right customer decisions to become relevant !

Patricia Bijnens, Customer Intelligence (CI) Solutions Specialist, SAS

Today´s consumers access an increasingly wide range of media and online information in addition to their traditional offline shopping behavior. The structures, processes and systems currently in place in many companies are not able to deal with the omni-channel phenomenon. Valuable information is either lost or not fully exploited. As a result, decision making becomes ever more tedious, inflexible and economically deficient. The SAS Customer Decision Hub helps companies to effectuate a customer-centric business strategy.


What is the value of R inside SAS Enterprise Miner?

Céline Canziani, Analytical Consultant, SAS

SAS Enterprise Miner is a powerful and versatile data mining tool. Enterprise Miner has an open source integration node that can be used to interface with R. There are several key benefits of using R inside Enterprise Miner instead of just using plain R. This presentation will emphasize these advantages. There will also be a demo that provides a basic illustration of how to incorporate R predictive models into SAS Enterprise Miner using the open source integration node.


Disruption - Learning together to achieve more

Dave Vanhoudt, researcher at the Business Intelligence Competency Center of Thomas More Mechelen.


(Fictive) Business Case - Mobistar, When strategy rimes with synergy

Student Team, ICHEC

Based on actual CRM data, students conducted a business case using the SAS software and tools. The given data were related to a company evolving in the telecom sector. The purpose of the business case was to establish a business strategy and to suggest a scope of profitable marketing actions based on the data analysis and insights extracted from the SAS software. The assumption was to make a simulation of relevant recommendations to Mobistar.

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