As companies seek to gain competitive advantage using advanced analytics, a huge change is occuring in terms of the data and the infrastructure that supports it. Several technologies are coming together to form the fabric of an evolving analytics ecosystem.

Perhaps the most popular and interesting of these technology components is HADOOP, an open-source software framework that handles massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, thanks to its ability to store and process data quickly and cost-effectively across clusters of commodity hardware.

Just like more and more of our customers, SAS is convinced that HADOOP will be an essential part of the big data analytics puzzle and therefore considers it as one of its core target development platforms going forward. For the years to come, SAS’s ambition and vision is clear: be the analytic and data management solution of choice for Hadoop!

The aim of this knowledge booster is to explain the “what, why and how” of the SAS on HADOOP strategy.

Date & Time

Thursday 12 February

Start: 17:30
End: 19:30
Training will be followed by a drink.

Please note there was a wrong date in the confirmation e-mail, Event takes place on 12 February, not January. Sorry for any inconveniences.


SAS Offices Belgium
Castle Robiano
Hertenbergstraat 6
3080 Tervuren

Contact & Registration:

Patrick Vanderslycke

Vanessa Galère

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