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As Gartner published their top 10 strategic technology trends for 2015, it’s not a surprise that Analytics is high on that list.

It is as Gartner states:

Analytics will take center stage as the volume of data generated by embedded systems increases and vast pools of structured and unstructured data inside and outside the enterprise are analyzed. Analytics will become deeply, but invisibly embedded everywhere“.

Keeping in mind that analytical intelligence is something that is not acquired & applied easily, and that the analytical maturity of companies is rather low, we should help them getting started with analytics by offering the right solution that make these analytics approachable.

With these analytics approachable, they can and will start experimenting and grow their analytical maturity while seeing the benefits. They will stop instinctual decision making and make their decisions and discussions informed by data. This data-driven way of working will become a strategic asset to beat competitors.

During this knowledge booster we’ll show how SAS® Visual Analytics makes analytics approachable and how it fuels the complete Analytical lifecycle. We’ll do this while giving you an example of how to bring this to the market.

Date & Time

Thursday 07 May

Welcome: 17:00
Start: 17:30
End: 19:30
Training will be followed by a drink.


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