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IABE will grant 2 CPD points for attending this event.

Thursday, 8 May

Plenary Session

Welcome & Introduction

Stéphanie Karamalakova, Sales Director Financial Services, SAS


Towards a new financial landscape: Challenges for the Belgian financial sector and the perspectives for the future

Isabelle Marchand, Head of European Affairs, Febelfin

2013 was a turning point on the road towards a new financial landscape in Belgium. A full banking transformation process that has taken place since the financial crisis broke out in 2008. Several large-scale reforms such as the banking union and the banking law round off this process and form the outline of tomorrow’s landscape. The financial sector wishes to look ahead once again and continue playing its role in the future and strive together for sustainable economic growth.

10h30Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions

‘The bridge’ – from virtual and physical towards digital

Geert Deschoolmeester, Head of Market Management, Allianz Belgium

Customer behavior is changing drastically. The digital society today offers very different ways to get information on products and allows buying them without any human involvement. Take the retail industry: the phenomenon of show rooming is a fact there. A lot of people check out the product in the shop first before buying online. Today each and every industry has to figure out how to respond to that changing behavior. The insurance industry cannot afford to stay put and not think of how to address this.


Steps to Customer Centricity

Raf Verhoogen, Business Development Manager, SAS

The road to customer centricity has quite a lot of obstacles and direction changes for an organization.  During this SAS presentation we will give an overview of how this road can be conquered in steps. Which are the roadblocks, and how to overcome them?  In short a step by step approach to move from a product focused organization to a customer focused organization.




Next Generation Fraud Analytics for Insurance

Patrice Latinne, Data Science & Analytics Consulting, CSC South & West Europe

Fraud detection is one of the main topics when enhancing the claims management process in insurance companies together with decreasing cost pressures. How can we keep track with changing fraud behaviours? How can we reduce false positive signals? How do we manage to check all claims for fraud but ensure fast claim processing?

This workshop will handle several of these critical questions and discuss a step-by-step approach for modern hybrid solutions to address different fraud patterns at the right decision time.




Offering tangible services in a Virtualizing World

René Dhondt, Managing Director, Assuralia

Insurers feel more comfortable while mutualising risks that are well circumscribed and measurable. The actual environment creates risks our parents couldn’t even dream of. On the other hand, evolution in technology gives rise to new opportunities, which may lead to faster repairing of the insured losses and to tailor-made insurance benefits.

Besides that, insurers will have to deal with new risks as e.g. (mis)perception, reputation risk or unrealistic expectations. All this while tackling, by the way, their costs and the changing of the insurance distribution models.


Recap – Questions & Answers



Location of Event

Vlerick Business School – Brussels Campus
Avenue du Boulevard - Bolwerklaan 21
1210 Brussel

Date and time

8 May 2014
09:30 – 17:30

Registration and Fees

There is no delegate charge to attend this event.

For Actuaries: IABE will grant 2 CPD points for attending this event.

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