Better insight into market and in-house performance

New SAS reporting environment improves chances for commercial success

Putting together detailed client profiles in order to boost the success of commercial actions. Evaluating marketing and sales departments based upon results. Paying sales representatives the right compensation based on their monthly performance. These are all key examples of what the SAS environment helped Touring Assurances — Touring Verzekeringen achieve.


The implementation of SAS has reduced the time necessary to generate a report from five minutes to three seconds.

Nathalie Servranckx
IT Manager

A tool to improve customer knowledge

Touring Assurances — Touring Verzekeringen (TATV) is the second largest direct insurance firm in Belgium. It has been part of the AXA Group since January 2007. The company specializes in home, motor vehicle, and travel insurance and intends to continuously strengthen its position in these markets. But to do that, the company needs to know its customers in greater depth.

We need to be able to put together detailed profiles of all of our customers. This will enable us to customize our services and improve revenue by cross-selling and up-selling the right products to the right existing customers,” states Nathalie Servranckx, IT Manager at Touring Assurance — Touring Verzekeringen. “But to achieve this, we needed to renovate our SAS environment. The old one performed poorly, was updated only once a day, and couldn’t be maintained by our own IT department.

Smooth implementation despite takeover

The SAS implementation was part of a bigger project: the implementation of a new front-office application (Siebel7).TATV implemented this new IT system in only nine months, as planned. The interruption caused by the AXA take-over proved to be no real hindrance. Nathalie Servranckx: “We decided to implement the newest SAS software in January 2006. Three months later, while preparing the actual development and integration of the new IT system, management announced the take-over by AXA. Even so, we had no problem implementing SAS in a structured and flexible manner thanks to its well thought-out design. The new SAS solution also proved to be very easy to integrate with other software such as Siebel7, our CRM software.

" The implementation of SAS has reduced the time necessary to generate a report from five minutes to three seconds ".

A hundred times faster

The new IT system moved reporting at TATV a huge step forward. “Our users from the sales, marketing, and product departments are extremely pleased with the new reporting environment,” Servranckx confirms. “They find it very easy to use and can access the system from any computer with an Internet connection using their personal login and password.” Once users have accessed the system, putting together a report is merely a matter of selecting the right data set.It takes only a few clicks before the report automatically appears on the screen or on the printer. “It is actually a hundred times faster than the old system. Now, reports roll out within only three seconds, whereas before it took about five minutes to perform the exact same action,” Servranckx adds proudly.

Gaining detailed market and customer insight

The new IT system provides TATV with indepth market information. “We use SAS on a daily basis, for instance to measure our sales,” explains Servranckx. “This gives us detailed insight that we use to pinpoint the commercial actions we need to take to boost our market performance.” “SAS also enables us to put together detailed customer profiles,” Servranckx continues. “This is highly valuable information for our marketing and sales departments. It enables them to tailor their initiatives to the precise needs of our customers, bringing us a critical step closer to even greater commercial success.

Fine-tune and evaluate performance

The updated IT environment benefits TATV’s front-office activities. The reporting tool can be used to evaluate and remunerate performance. Every month, for instance, the Coordination Committee uses the system to evaluate the performance of the sales department. Based on these findings, the committee can decide upon the most appropriate actions to fine-tune the department in line with the group’s objectives. The system also supports back-office administration such as calculating the compensation of sales representatives. “All contracts are registered in our data warehouse, including tariffs, and are linked to the individual sales representative,” points out Servranckx. “At the end of the month, we just need to select the right report and we know exactly how much remuneration to pay to each sales rep.

More opportunities

In short, the implementation of the newest SAS software has boosted front-office as well as back-office performance at TATV. “But, there is still room for more opportunities. We are currently investigating new applications for our SAS environment,” concludes Servranckx. “Reporting by telephone is one of many possible avenues to support our agents in the field. In the near future, we will expand our current IT system to cover all of our financial and operational reporting needs.



Achieving commercial objectives by improving customer profiling and fine-tuning front-office and back-office reporting and activities


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  • Improved commercial success – In-depth insight into customer and market information allows TATV to tailor their commercial
  • Aligned front-office and back-office – SAS allows to take actions to align sales performance with the group’s objectives and to quickly calculate remunerations.
  • More time to focus on core business – With SAS reporting time is slashed by a factor of 100, from five minutes to only three seconds.
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