On-demand Webinar

Three Data Storytelling Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Ever wondered why your data stories are not always clear? How to improve your ability to communicate insights?

About the webinar

Data visualisation has the huge potential to enhance our ability to understand information. Most often we visualise data to help uncover insight we may not have seen otherwise. But data visualisation can also be used as an effective way to communicate insight (or tell data stories). Kat will look at some common mistakes people make when communicating data insights and show how to avoid them.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to effectively communicate insights
  • Understand the power of data storytelling

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About the Expert

Kat Greenbrook
Rogue Penguin

Kat is the founder of Rogue Penguin, a data story and visualisation company in New Zealand. She is highly sought-after for her ability to apply design and communication principles to data visualisation projects, making insights more accessible. With a background in analytical modelling, Kat understands the complexities of working with data insights. A degree in digital design enables her to use multiple mediums (such as presentations, data visualisations, and dashboards) to help businesses tell their data stories.