On-Demand Webinar

SAS Global Forum Highlights


About the webinar

SAS Global Forum is the most important annual SAS conference, where major announcements are made, technological advances are presented and the latest software is shown.

If you didn’t have time to attend the virtual conference, but want to catch up on all the highlights, this one-hour webinar is for you.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Exciting announcements made during SAS Global Forum 2021
  • Highlights from the 2-day virtual event

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About the Experts

Jonathan Butow
Senior Systems Engineer, SAS

Jonathan is an analytics professional with over 10 years data science experience in the field. Jonathan always likes to keep one step ahead when it comes to technology innovation and works closely with SAS customers and R&D on each iteration of the SAS technology. He is a university and hackathon mentor with a focus on innovation, digital transformation and real time streaming analytics. He has contributed to high-value analytical applications across diverse industries including Energy and Utilities, Fraud and Financial Crimes, and Government.

His most meaningful work happens when he collaborates with organisations to embrace change and drive efficiencies through data and analytics and new technology. He recently hosted the SAS IoT booth at SAS Global Forum and provided customers with a view into what the future looks like for SAS technology.  

Lily Clarke
Systems Engineer, SAS

Lily is a Customer Advisory professional working from our Brisbane office as one of our Asia Pacific Region Analytical Visualisation Experts, and the Health and Life Sciences Lead for SAS across Australia and New Zealand. Since joining SAS 3 years ago, Lily has supported countless agencies in their developing their analytical maturity, extending this venture to our Academic Outreach programs for approachable value-driven analytics, Partner enablement on Visualisation Best Practices, and various Communities of Practice.

Her passion for community advancement also shines through in her projects with government, higher education providers and more generally across all industries, taking an outcome focused approach to analytical applications. Lily was positioned as one of our Visualisation Experts at SAS Global Forum providing 1 on 1 appointments, sharing SAS’s vision for democratised analytics.