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About the webinar

As promised at the launch of SAS TRUST we are excited to announce our very first SAS TRUST User webinar.

Our presenter will be Surya Sarvepalli, Research Assistant at Massey's FinEd working in the field of Data Analysis. He has also worked as a Business Analyst and Digital Marketer at Aro Digital in New Zealand.

In this webinar Surya will talk about the difference between the University education of Analytics and the Industry reality.

Why attend?

Surya will walk through:

  • The analytical approach he took on a recent initiative working on a bank's dataset to segment their customers to find the most profitable ones. What worked and what didn't
  • His personal journey in the world of analytics
  • The different types of people he met along the way and their own views and insights into the power of analytics

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About the Presenter

Surya Teja Sarvepalli

Surya Teja Sarvepalli is an advocate for all things analytics and is a recent post graduate who has finished a Master of Analytics. With experience at Amazon and Aro Digital, Surya is an Electronics and Communications Engineer with experience in fields of Marketing Analytics and Data Analysis.