On-Demand Webinar

Using Behavioural Insights to Inform Operations

About the webinar

The Ministry of Justice collects court imposed fines, reparations to victims and infringements on behalf of local authorities and the Police. Over half a million New Zealanders owe fines and total Collections debt is around $600m or $122 for every person in NZ. 

We have implemented a number of behavioural insights trials, aimed to improve the effectiveness of letters sent to people who had failed to pay their fine. Based on findings from behavioural science on what works to increase paying behaviour, changes were made to existing fines letters. The new letters were tested through randomised controlled trials and other methods. This presentation will cover the behavioural insights, RCTs and analysis approaches used. 

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About the Presenters

Helen Aki – Manager – Analytics and Insights

Helen has a passion for using data insights and research to support the delivery of better services for New Zealand. Before her current role at the Ministry of Justice, she managed research and analytics teams at NZTA, Inland Revenue and StatsNZ.   



Vee Snijders – Principal Advisor Behavioural Insights  

Driven to have a positive social impact, Vee is a behavioural insights specialist at the Ministry of Justice. Her research combines insights into the factors and biases that influence human behaviour with human-centred design and robust evaluation. The resulting operational changes often have a disproportionate impact in increasing efficient and improving customer outcomes and experience. Prior to joining the Ministry of Justice, she worked for the UK Behavioural Insights Team.