On-Demand Webinar

Digital Decisioning and Responsible AI

    About the webinar

    There is currently a lot of talk about how analytics can drive change through digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence. In reality, however, integrating advanced analytical techniques into operational processes poses significant challenges. During this session we will not only identify and discuss some of these challenges, but also introduce specific ways to address them.

    Why attend:

    • Learn how to efficiently embed analytics into online business decisions 
    • See how model performance monitoring can be extended from batch to on-demand models
    • Discover techniques for improving the reliability of AI models 

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    About the Experts

    David Burgess
    Principal Systems Engineer

    David has almost 20 years of experience in Asia Pacific regional roles, with over 10 years experience leading analytics teams covering Marketing, Credit Risk, and AML / Fraud. 

    His current role covers NZ / AU customer advisory activities with a focus on advanced analytics and FSI. 

    Jacky Long
    Advisory Solutions Architect

    Jacky is a member of the SAS Global Practice and has implemented analytic lifecycle solutions with a large bank in Brazil, several telecoms in the US and Philippines, a Korean semiconductor manufacturer and multiple government agencies to name a few. 

    These solutions include model performance monitoring, standardization of the life cycle processes, assistance with regulatory compliance and workflow development.  

    Yi Jian Ching
    Solutions Architect

    YJ is in a regional advisory role, where he works with organisations across Asia Pacific, on their specific challenges around operationalizing machine learning models at an enterprise scale, in order to drive decisions.

     In his day-to-day, he also works in the region on sales and support enablement activities and extensive demonstration building of SAS machine learning capabilities in order to support client-facing situations.

    Gordon James (Host)
    Pre-sales Manager, NZ

    Gordon’s career in data and analytics spans over three decades. He joined SAS in the mid ’90s after several years managing BI & data warehousing teams in the Insurance industry in South Africa. His career at SAS has included roles in Tech Support, Education, Consulting and most recently as a member of the SAS NZ Leadership Team, where he heads up Customer Advisory Services. On any given Sunday you may catch a glimpse of him on his adventure motorcycle cruising along the dusty backroads of the NZ countryside.