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Analytics is Everywhere

For  Curious, Passionate and Creative people.
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14 April 2021 | 5:00pm AEDT

About the seminar

During this seminar, we will cover how to connect to organisations in need of your SAS skills, through digital platform, how you can kick start your certification with SAS® Software Certified Young Professionals Program, AND showcase the Viya for Learners platform to follow along the Demo.


Why attend?

  • Learn how you can make a real difference in the world with a career in Data and Analytics. The applications of Data and Analytics are everywhere around you, and new applications are only limited by your imagination.

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About the Experts

Annelies Tjetjep BSc(Hons), MSc MStat
Partner Enablement Manager, SAS Australia & NZ

I believe the potential to use data to better life is everywhere – in every human interaction, in every operational decision. As Partner Enablement Manager at SAS, I help our Partners develop this potential for their clients. Through my relationships with industry peak body associations and academia, I play an active role in evangelising the effective use of data and nurturing the now and future community. I am a lifelong learner and an avid sharer of my cross-industry experiences on better practices through seminars, guest lectures and blogs.

Lily Clarke BMedMath
Customer Advisory Consultant, SAS Australia

As a self-confessed “do-gooder”, my analytics journey stemmed from my desire to improve the lives of the global community. Every day I keep working towards my mission, whether that be by demystifying analytics for students, optimizing resources for hospitals or preventing fraud in some of Australia’s largest Government Agencies. I love sharing my passion and inspiring my fellow future leaders to change the world through technology.