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Cloud Marketing Automation Overview

As consumer behaviours and expectations have changed dramatically in recent years, marketing has changed, too, in ways that blur the lines between direct and mass marketing efforts.

That’s why campaign management processes have become essential for taking full advantage of customer information, optimising interactions across channels, and monitoring and responding to changes in customer behaviours.

It’s critical for marketers to unlock this value, but marketing organisations are finding it:

  1. Increasingly difficult to manage and store customer data in a flexible and scalable way
  2. Manage communications across multiple channels
  3. Difficult to acquire analytical marketing resources to build campaigns and analytical models
  4. Difficult to justify upfront expenditure for campaign management and analytics software investment

This means that for organisations that need an urgent time to market with limited resources, then implementing an on-site multi-channel campaign management solution isn’t the right path to success. Servian and SAS Institute have therefore formed a partnership that offers the market leading SAS Marketing Automation solution in a cloud version.

Reasons to choose Cloud Marketing Automation

Cloud Marketing Automation provides a cost-effective capability for those looking for an externally managed software solution that minimises the need for IT resources, provides rapid time to value and has the ability to be funded through an operational rather than a capital expenditure.

Benefits include:

  1. Single Customer View, including communications and response history
  2. Improved conversion, cross-sell and retention rates
  3. Create campaigns easily and efficiently
  4. Gain quick value with minimal investment
  5. A system that grows with your organisation and ensures future flexibility
  6. Improved time to value – have campaigns running live in weeks
  7. Monthly cost structure for software instead of up front capital investments
  8. Reduce costs of infrastructure, administration, set-up and implementation
  9. Invest only in the capability that you are going to use
  10. Overlay resources that can assists in:

- Managing the data foundation
- Building and executing campaigns
- Building analytical models

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