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New SAS® Quality Analytic Suite puts consumers at heart of quality improvement 

In 1945, Westye F. Bakke founded Sub-Zero on a simple belief that his grandson Jim Bakke, President and CEO of Sub-Zero Group Inc., still uses to drive the company today: If you provide a quality product to your customer and take care of them after the sale, you’ll have customers for life.

Sub-Zero’s pervasive quality culture has been supported for the last decade by business analytics leader SAS. Since 2004 when it started using SAS analytics software, Sub-Zero’s rankings have consistently risen in Consumer Reports and JD Power and Associates’ annual customer satisfaction surveys.

To build on customer successes like this, SAS will provide an even broader view of quality with its new SAS® Quality Analytic Suite. The software, which integrates several SAS® quality solutions, helps users view quality from an enterprise perspective and, ultimately, deliver better products and services to happier customers.

Voice of customer needs to be heard

What do consumers’ social media activities say about emerging quality issues for a manufacturer? How can machine-to-machine data predict equipment failures? Is scrap and re-work just a part of doing business, or can the costs of poor quality be reduced? Answering these questions requires insights, not charts that reflect the past.  Analytics filter out the noise and allow the customers’ voice to be heard.

“With SAS supporting us, we have greater confidence to innovate,” said Bob Schroeder, Vice President of Quality, Reliability and Customer Service at Sub-Zero Group, Inc. “Even though there’s risk involved with innovation, we’re equipped to react swiftly to issues if they arise. SAS alerts us with credible early warnings about real quality concerns so we can quickly take action to correct problems.”

The SAS Quality Analytic Suite drives high performance for manufacturing, service and energy production companies. The SAS Quality Analytic Suite comprises the proven SAS Field Quality Analytics, SAS Production Quality Analytics and SAS Asset Performance Analytics plus new functionality from SAS Perceptual Quality to create an enterprise view of quality performance. This allows companies to identify issues earlier, find root causes more quickly, and significantly reduce the staggering costs associated with product recalls and brand reputation erosion.

Creating a holistic view of quality

“Manufacturers need to take a view of quality that isn’t just the plant floor, isn’t just supplier scorecards and isn’t just warranty claims,” said Bob Parker, Vice President of Research at IDC Manufacturing Insights. ”You have to build from a strategic planning perspective. SAS has done exactly that: They have created a unified platform for manufacturers to gain a holistic view of quality.”

To learn more about how SAS helps manufacturers achieve unparalleled success by using quality analytics, please download Shifting Gears: The Value of Customer-Driven Quality in Manufacturing. To follow news and updates about SAS manufacturing solutions, follow us on Twitter at @SASMFG.

About Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

Sub-Zero Group, Inc., manufactures the global premium appliance brands Sub-Zero and Wolf. Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Madison, Wis, Sub-Zero, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of American-made luxury refrigeration, freezer and wine storage products. Specializing in food preservation, Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of dual refrigeration and prides itself on being the first company to store frozen foods at ultralow “sub-zero” temperatures. In 2000, Wolf Appliance, Inc., the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills, was formed by Sub-Zero, establishing the brands as corporate companions and kitchen soul mates. In its third generation of family ownership, the privately held company also operates manufacturing facilities in Fitchburg, Wis., and Goodyear, Ariz. Both brands are continually recognized for the highest achievements in refrigeration and cooking innovation and customer satisfaction. For more information about Sub-Zero and Wolf, visit or follow us on Facebook at or Twitter at @subzerowolf.


About SAS

SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 83,000 sites make better decisions faster. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

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Sub Zero Kitchen
Sub-Zero’s rankings have consistently risen in Consumer Reports and JD Power and Associates’ annual customer satisfaction surveys using SAS analytics. Credits: Photograph courtesy of Sub-Zero Group Inc.
Bob Schroeder
Sub-Zero’s Bob Schroeder, Vice President of Quality, Reliability and Customer Service

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