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Improve your brand image and profitability with customer-centric planning and optimization

Merchandise Financial Planning From SAS

Drive higher inventory turns and fewer markdowns with merchandise planning tailored to local customer demand.

Customer-centric planning & optimization

  • Predict customer demand by channel and forecast the impact on future sales.
  • Use predictive and prescriptive analytics and advanced clustering to understand a customer's path to purchase.
  • Identify opportunities to improve performance and increase profitability.

Cloud-native collaborative planning

  • Rapidly take control of enterprise merchandise planning with the power of analytics in the cloud.
  • Develop and rationalize merchandise financial plans from the top down or from the middle out.
  • Easily make data-driven decisions and improve productivity with in-plan analytics.

Better customer experiences

  • Curate assortments for your most valuable patrons.
  • Leverage demographic and trade area characteristics to satisfy customer preferences.

Why choose SAS for merchandise planning?

Elevate your business with cloud analytics that transform data into insights to support every merchandise planning decision.

Enable better assortment planning

Efficiently rationalize assortments, accurately determine optimal choice count and understand what items were not in the assortment to identify missed opportunities.

Improve key performance indicators

Optimize merchandise and assortment plans, as well as allocation and replenishment strategies.

Make merchandise planning more intelligent

Provide your buyers with insight into selling patterns and store clustering analytics that simplifies assortment rationalization down to the store/item level, no matter the size of your organization.

Customer Success

Working smarter with SAS

  • Developing strategic initiatives & planning financial strategies that drive profitability

    SAS helped a US regional department store undergo a total technology transformation that:

    • Includes a new merchandise planning platform that supports its strategies and initiatives.
    • Maximizes inventory precision by product and location through localized assortments.
    • Drives supply chain and store operation efficiencies through optimized pack recommendations.
  • Keeping stores stocked using exceptional demand planning

    Yildiz Holdings relies on SAS to improve forecasts for manufacturing, inventory and sales planning processes. Yildiz Holdings achieved:

    • 15% improvement in Demand Sensing forecast accuracy.
    • A significant decrease in overstocks and understocks.

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