Drug Development

SAS® Drug Development

Manage and share accurate clinical research information to drive informed business decisions

SAS Drug Development enables the efficient development, execution and management of analysis and reporting activities for clinical research.

The solution is the only clinical repository that provides seamless integration with the SAS program development and execution environment, along with workflow capabilities that streamline processes and ease project management for analysis and reporting.

The power to get to know your compound better by using SAS Drug Development will translate into improved earnings through shorter time to market and decreased development costs.

Stefan Driessen
Director of Global Biometrics
Solvay Pharmaceuticals


Global access to a single version of the truth.

SAS Drug Development provides secure, global access to a centralized clinical information repository for all authorized development team members, so they no longer waste time and resources working on different systems across multiple organizations and geographies.

More confidence in clinical research program decisions.

With the solution, clinical researchers can easily make critical research program decisions earlier in the process and have early visibility into trial results to enable adaptive trial designs.

Enable full compliance and control.

The solution was designed to help you meet existing and emerging government regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11, good industry practices and sound business methodologies, while providing automated versioning, security, audit trails and related controls.

Automated integrity, traceability and transparency.

The solution provides automated integrity, traceability and transparency documentation for all data analysis activities, which:

  • Ensures ongoing quality control and assurance.
  • Lets you view input data and easily reproduce your results to rapidly answer regulatory inquiries on how results were obtained.

Streamlined processes.

The solution's workflow capabilities aid project management oversight and support process enablement for analysis and reporting activities by:

  • Supporting multiple analyses that may have different team members and access rights and privileges.
  • Providing an overall project view that gives instant insight into the status of analysis and reporting activities.
  • Serving as a forum for communication between development and testing or among the entire project team.

Shorter development cycles.

The solution streamlines processes, reduces costs and speeds time-to-market by:

  • Bringing together disparate information sources.
  • Providing workflow functionality and seamless integration with the tools used to transform, analyze and report this information.
  • Facilitating the ability to extract insights from all clinical data assets across trials, phases and therapeutic areas.



Drug Development
  • Information management
  • Compliance and control

  • Statistical analysis
  • Workflow

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