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SAS University Days

We know it's never easy deciding on what to do with your career.

It's important to consider which jobs are in demand and poised for growth.
Data Science continues to be in demand - in the US, there will be a shortage of 250,000 data scientists by 2024! And Australia faces the same shortfall, with data scientists in high demand*1. And knowing SAS, boosts your annual earnings by 6% and is ranked as the #1 most valuable career skill*2.

Career Fairs


 Sydney Uni
 Uni Melbourne
 Canberra University
 Australian Catholic University
 Free software access for learning
 Free SAS How-to videos
 Learning about the SAS Connection program - A catalogue of free SAS seminars and webinars; Participating in SAS challenges and hackathons; Free e-learning; and SAS Young Professional certification
 Join Analytics U communities
 Become a SAS Student Ambassador
 Early career opportunities

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