Do more with less – and add value to the community

Local governments need to thrive in a challenging and dynamic environment. You are tasked with providing better, more sustainable outcomes for communities under increasing scrutiny.

With the focus on budget and improved community services – it can be hard to drown out the noise and analyse your data to drive business insights under a government lens.

Analytics must be at the heart of everything you do. Done right, it can transform the way you target your spending, enabling you to concentrate your efforts on the services that will most benefit the community.

This translates to the most effective usage of taxpayer money as well as better outcomes across the organisation.

A smarter strategy

All this can be achieved by taking the same approach to data analytics that the corporate sector has been doing for decades. You can:

  • Run analytics across a wide range of council and external data sources quickly and effectively
  • Use tools that allow anyone to uncover insights without relying on IT or coding skills
  • Harness the power of a low-cost model that meets your needs regardless of the size of your organisation

See it for yourself

In our live webinar, Carmen Gallagher and Travis Murphy will discuss the latest analytics techniques that those in government are using to provide non-biased, evidenced based insights to guide decision making. We’ll also dive into SAS Visual Analytics to show you just how easy it is to use and how you can uncover insights in your data for yourself, within seconds.

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