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Reporting and Visualisation Webinar Series

Have you found yourself looking at reports you’ve just created thinking “hhmm that wasn’t what I expected” or “that just doesn’t seem right”? Too often we hear of expensive reporting projects to provide “one view” reporting for key data elements, which become derailed once the results are provided and the source data is proven to be unreliable.

With the introduction of visualisation based reporting tools insights are highlighted and business decisions can be made much more quickly. Those insights however are only as good as the data they are derived from.

SAS Data Quality solution for visualisation provides an industry-leading approach to data discovery and quality profiling, making it simple for business users to ensure the quality of their reporting and insight tools regardless of the visualisation product they are using.

During this 60 minute webinar our experts will guide you through the process of profiling, cleansing, augmenting and integrating data to create accurate, consistent and reliable insights for business decision making.

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