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Turning Data into Profits with SAS Cost & Profitability Management 


September 21st • 12 p.m. Dubai • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

Every company has hidden opportunities to improve profitability. Typically, about 20% of customers are responsible for 150% of a company’s profits—and another 20% are unprofitable. Without applying profit analytics, it is impossible to know which customers and the products and services you provide are truly profitable and which are not.

Our profit analytics solutions provide a true breakdown of profitability on key business dimensions of customer, segment, product, channel, and other to accurately identify the key drivers of profitability. It provides the critical knowledge your business needs, including:

  • What customers and products & services are profitable?
  • What is the true, fully-allocated cost to providing our products & services?
  • What does it cost to acquire and service my customers through the various channels they interact with us?
  • What are my support and administrative costs? How do these flow through our company, and how do they add value? Where are the opportunities to improve our operations and reduce cost?
  • How can my colleagues see the activities they provide and consume in our company so they can help us improve our profitability?

Enormous value is derived by applying profit analytics to marketing, customer segmentation, operations, product management, and regulatory and compliance reporting.  This information is not available in the financial system; BI reporting layers cannot report what they do not have. Furthermore, financial systems are designed for historical reporting, but a profitability model supports decision making and planning.

With over 30 years in the field, CT Global Solutions has unparalleled experience in the design and implementation of cost & profit analytics solutions. CT Global’s President and co-founder Peter B. Turney, Ph.D., pioneered cost and profitability management solutions, has published a best-selling book, Common Cents, and developed the first commercial profit analytics software.

Your planning and decision making is only as good as your data. Base your plans and decisions on accurate data instead of intuition.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to apply profit analytics to know which customers and product services you provide are profitable and which are not.
  • Identify the key drivers of profitability.
  • Base your plans and decisions on accurate data instead of intuition.


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About the Experts

Dr. Peter Turney 
President and Chairman, CT Global Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Turney founded CT Global Solutions and ABC Technologies (acquired by the SAS Institute in 2002) to provide the world’s first scalable commercial solutions for cost and profitability management. Today he brings a comprehensive finance solution to increase profitability, manage risk and address controllership and compliance.

Dr. Turney is a frequent presenter to management groups. He has published numerous works on management including the global best-selling book Common Cents. The second edition of Common Cents. was published by McGraw-Hill in June of 2005.  Dr. Turney has written for the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Financial Executive, Cost Management, and other leading journals. He is a graduate of Bristol University (BA) and the University of Minnesota (MS & PhD).

Dr. Manash Ray 
Co-founder and  CEO, CT Global Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Ray is responsible for executing the SAS for Finance initiative successfully to provide sustaining value to CT Global’s clients.  He has developed innovative solutions in finance for over twenty-five years.  His areas of expertise include financial and analytic modeling for profit improvement, inventory optimization, cost management, pricing, and financial planning. In addition to operations, Dr. Ray is involved in creative solution design for a wide variety of applications.

Dr. Ray is a frequent presenter at professional conferences and has delivered many executive workshops and presentations.  He is the author of a book on Quality Management, which documents current quality practices and provides case studies of Baldrige award winning companies. He has published many articles on finance and analytics in leading journals, including Management Science, Decision Sciences, Journal of Cost Management, and Internal Auditor.  He was previously the co-editor of the Guide to Cost Management, the authoritative professional publication in the field.  Dr. Ray received a PhD. from the Pennsylvania State University in Business Administration with minors in Operations Research and Management Information Systems and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management with concentrations in finance and operations research.

Michael Scocca 
Engagement Director, CT Global Solutions, Inc.

Michael Scocca is the Engagement Director at CT Global Solutions for the Profit Analytics practice and is primarily responsible for the design and implementation of SAS CPM solutions, as well as our technical practices encompassing installation & configuration and platform administration. His specialization is in profitability/activity-based management modeling and the SAS Cost & Profitability Management (SAS CPM) solution.

He has previously held roles as CFO and Controller, bringing over 25 years of experience in senior finance roles, information technology responsibilities, and operations.  He leverages deep experience in accounting, activity-based management, financial modeling, financial reporting, networking, hardware, and databases. Mr. Scocca has experience in capital markets, including helping to author the listing standards for the over the counter equity market, where many of the small to medium-sized US banks list their stocks. Mr. Scocca has degrees in Accounting and Finance from Kutztown University.