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SAS Viya 4 Update

SAS Viya 4 Introduces a New Category of analytics for the Cloud

April 29 • 10 a.m CET • Duration: 1h


About the webinar

SAS® Viya® 4 is engineered to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies. Designed to be delivered and updated continuously, the new architecture helps bring powerful analytics to everyone, everywhere. Because SAS Viya integrates the art of decision making with the science of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, organizations will be able to make better decisions, faster. The innovation behind this release underscores SAS’ commitment to helping organizations transform data into intelligence.

With a reimagined cloud-native architecture and the availability of interactive or programming interfaces, SAS customers will no longer be bound by programming language, data silos, or skills. Automated data preparation, machine learning (AutoML), and model deployment improve the productivity of scarce data science resources and expand AI capabilities to those with more widely available skill sets.

With a renewed focus on APIs, SAS Viya 4 makes it easier for application developers to collaborate with data science teams and respond quickly to changing business needs. These capabilities allow customers to acquire and consume enterprise-scale analytics in the most efficient way; they can consume just the AI services they need.

SAS Viya 4 uses continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) process that allows customers to choose their release intervals, so they gain access to the latest product innovations the moment they’re ready or can incorporate updates into their own change-management schedules. The container-based architecture, orchestrated by Kubernetes, provides portability across different cloud environments, including Azure, Google, AWS, and OpenShift.


  • Summary: SAS  9, SAS Viya 3.x and SAS Viya 4
  • SAS Viya 4.0 overview: 
    • Sales and Technical Perspective
    • What's New
    • Roadmap
  • SAS Viya 4 Licensing and Packaging
  • An Overview: SAS Cloud Offering
  • Q&A

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About the Experts

Lukasz Leszewski

For over ten years, Lukasz worked at SAS Institute, where he was an Architect, Project Manager, and Consultant. During that time, he had the opportunity to work on many projects in the telecommunications, insurance, retail, industrial, and public sectors. He had the chance to face many data quality and data management challenges from a developer, architect, lecturer, and manager perspective. Currently, he is a leader of the SAS Technology team for Central Europe. He supports organizations from various sectors in effectively solving data management problems to make fast decisions based on accurate information.

Piotr Kramek

For the last 10 years, Piotr has been supporting companies in getting valuable insights from data and making data-driven decisions. His experience comes from applying advanced analytics across multiple industries in areas spanning from supply chain optimization, business intelligence, machine learning in health care as well as in fraud detection. Piotr is a passionate technology enthusiast both professionally when applying data science to tackle challenging problems as well as in private life in areas such as home automation and 3d printing.