SAS Viya helps Iveco Group reduce truck recalls

Manufacturer reduces customer maintenance costs, identifies problems using IoT analytics

Manufacturer Iveco Group digitally transformed itself to enhance responsiveness to stressed trucking industry customers. One of the keys to transformation success was improving the company’s remote diagnostic capabilities to quickly maximize uptime in its global truck fleet.

Iveco Group chose industry-leading SAS® Viya® to ensure its analytics are agile and always on so customers’ revenue and satisfaction levels remain high. The patterns SAS Viya uncovers help Iveco Group reduce recalls by proactively fixing customer issues before they become major problems.

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Iveco Group, based in Italy, operates 29 manufacturing plants and 31 research and development centers around the world. The growing prominence of connected vehicles and the complex data they generate propelled the manufacturer’s need for transformation to remain competitive. Iveco Group initially saw success with SAS Analytics for IoT in its quality department, so expanding SAS across the enterprise was a logical progression.

“SAS allows our people to integrate the data autonomously so they can find precisely what they’re looking for without having to ask data analysts to intervene every time,” said Stefano Rozzi, Telematics Quality and Field Analysis Manager at Iveco Group. “It speeds up our ability to understand and react to anything and make quicker and more effective decisions.”

Analytics in the cloud keeps trucks on the road

Rozzi classifies the company’s work with SAS as an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) telematics project. He said being able to reduce customer maintenance costs with remote diagnostics allows designers and analysts to speak the same language, which he said, “was unthinkable a few years ago.”

Iveco Group chose SAS Viya because:

  • SAS is easy to use whether you’re a data scientist or an automotive designer.
  • SAS helps drive the business by quickly collecting and analyzing vehicle-use data for designers.
  • SAS provides a shared tool to bring data together in one place for all Iveco Group facilities globally.
  • SAS ensures straightforward cross-enterprise data sharing to support confident decisions.

“IoT, advanced analytics and AI enable us to understand vehicle behavior even if the trucks are scattered all over the world,” said Rozzi. “This is possible because the data from each vehicle flows into our SAS Viya platform, which enables real-time analysis.”

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SAS helps Iveco Group reduce recalls by proactively fixing customer issues before they become major problems.