Lucky JMP® 13 keeps the focus on discovery

Newest version of JMP lets users dig deeper into the hidden possibilities in data

The latest version of JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS enables users to prepare data for analysis more efficiently, and to analyze more types and larger amounts of data. With JMP Pro 13, the advanced analytics version of JMP, users can solve new and sophisticated problems more quickly. Both JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13 will be released Sept. 21.

“JMP 13 has added impressive enhancements to speed statistical data discovery. The improved features in generalized modeling, definitive screening designs, reliability, simulation, statistical process control and consumer research will open up new capabilities for JMP users to extract the most accurate, useful and informative conclusions from their data,” said David Trindade, Fellow and Chief Officer of Best Practices at Bloom Energy.

"Discovery and serendipity are all about being observant – and extending observations to good reasoning to hypotheses to analyses to conclusions. Having great tools to help you look at the data and reveal insights makes everything so much better," said John Sall, co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS and head of SAS' JMP business unit. Sall launches JMP 13 on Sept. 21 with the keynote speech “Triskaidekaphilia” (love of the number 13) at Discovery Summit 2016. A live stream of Sall’s speech will be available.

JMP® 13 highlights

  • Query Builder for joining, summarizing and filtering JMP tables.
  • Virtual Join to link JMP tables in memory, allowing analysis of larger data.
  • Text Explorer to understand text from such sources as surveys, comment fields and engineering reports.
  • Dashboard Builder to share presentation-ready dashboards using drag-and-drop templates.
  • Interactive HTML reports to enable viewing of JMP visualizations using just a web browser.
  • Process Screening to screen control charts for hundreds or thousands of processes and identify those needing attention.
  • Compare Designs to choose the most efficient of two or three competing designed experiments.

JMP® Pro 13 highlights

  • Text Explorer analytics to enrich predictive models with information uncovered from free text exploration.
  • Formula Depot to manage, organize, compare and deploy models, and to generate score code of JMP models in C, SQL, SAS, JavaScript and Python.
  • New validation criteria, regularization techniques and the ability to handle censored data in Generalized Regression for modeling more diverse problems.
  • Speed improvements to Gaussian Process model fitting to enable analysis of much larger problems.
  • Association analysis for finding patterns in transaction, repair, adverse event and other sparse categorical data.
  • Repairable Systems Simulation to study and improve the reliability, availability and maintainability of complex system configurations.

Early response to JMP® 13 and JMP® Pro 13

“I have used many text mining tools. In terms of ease of use, Text Explorer is the best of the breed. You can efficiently clean unstructured data, visualize relationships, find major themes and group documents. Brilliant!”
– Heath Rushing, Principal Consultant and co-founder of Adsurgo LLC

“JMP has long been leading the way with its experiment design construction and assessment tools, but the new Compare Designs platform takes choosing the right design for the goals of your specific experiment to a new level.”
– Christine Anderson-Cook, Research Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

“Table management and manipulation has always been a challenge. The Virtual Join will significantly improve my productivity by decreasing errors and making table management so much cleaner.”
– Cy Wegman, President of SY64 LLC

“As usual there is so much to like in this new JMP release. I really like the new JMP Formula editor, and the improvements in JSL will help us develop powerful custom applications for our clients.”
– Wayne J. Levin, President of Predictum Inc.

“JMP continued to push the envelope in consumer research with the addition of two new MaxDiff modeling platforms. … Anyone who works in the consumer choice area will find these new additions to be a great advance for their work.”
– Walter Paczkowski, PhD, Chief Data Scientist at Data Analytics Corp.

A fully functional 30-day trial of JMP is available free on the JMP website.

About JMP

SAS created JMP in 1989 to empower scientists and engineers to explore and analyze data visually. Since then, JMP has grown from a single product into a family of statistical discovery tools, each one tailored to meet specific needs. John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, heads the JMP business unit.

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