Who keeps the peace in data wild west? SAS’ Data Steward of the Year

Sixth annual Data Stewards Day is Dec. 14; nominate your most wanted data steward by Nov. 25  

It’s a rough-and-tumble town, and data is on the loose – blowing around like tumbleweeds. We’ve only one hope to keep us safe: the data steward. That’s why every year, SAS takes a day to honor those who round up the angriest, meanest, biggest, flat-out orneriest data this side of the Pecos.

When data runs wild, it’s the data stewards who keep law and order. They wrangle big data, corral and put the brand on it. On Dec. 14, for the sixth year running, SAS will reward your most wanted on International Data Stewards Day, bestowing the highest honor to which a data steward can aspire: the Stewie.

Let us know who your top data stewards are. Submit your entry by Nov. 25. The winner – the 2016 Data Steward of the Year – will walk tall into the sunset. And get some cool SAS swag and bragging rights around the data corral.

Nominations can take any form, so get creative. Previous submissions have included videos, PowerPoint presentations and even poems. Judges include Jim Harris, Dylan Jones and Joyce Norris-Montanari from the Data Roundtable – as well as former winners of the Stewie award.

“This database ain’t big enough for the both of us,” said Anne Buff of SAS Best Practices. “OK, maybe it is, but only if you’ve got the speed and agility of a cowpoke with a pair of six shooters. If you’re brave enough, nominate yourself or a colleague as this year’s Data Steward of the Year.”

Who’s eligible, you ask? Anyone who’s not afraid to stare down the thorniest data disasters in these here parts. Nominees don’t need a data steward title. Just a data steward attitude. If they’re smart, patient, determined and an all-around data whiz, they qualify. We’ll announce the winner Dec. 14 on DataStewardsDay.com.

Visit the website to nominate your favorite data dude or dudette on the ranch: sas.com/en_us/events/datasteward/datasteward2016/datastewardsday-2016/register.html

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