SAS® Data Management update extends self-service, expands access to cloud and big data

Improved security, governance and collaboration features yield better business decisions, faster

Enterprises clamor to unearth more data from more sources. In response, SAS continues to beef up its data management portfolio to improve access to the best data. The expanded self-service access for business users means faster and more accurate decisions.                                                                                                        

Updates to SAS® Data Management, including SAS Data Loader for Hadoop, deliver enterprise data preparation on Hadoop, expanded data access, improved cloud-readiness, and improved Hadoop governance and security. Data professionals can make better decisions faster with data they can trust.

Shionogi & Co. Ltd., a 138-year-old Japanese pharmaceutical company, is using SAS Data Loader for Hadoop to prepare, integrate and cleanse big data. At SAS Global Forum 2016, Yoshitake Kitanishi, Shionogi’s Manager of Data Science in the Biostatistics Department said, “With SAS Data Loader for Hadoop, our business analysts have self-service access to prepare and cleanse data without writing code or burdening IT.”

“SAS helps us to get fast, self-service access to both internal and open data sources to make better decisions about patient safety and study design. This has allowed us to make patients safer, be more competitive in the marketplace, and increase our operational efficiency with less back and forth between business and IT,” he said.

Updates to SAS® Data Management include:

  • Adaptive data management during discovery and deployment. Self-service data management on Hadoop adapts to the context of use to let business users access and combine data without writing code. IT can then deploy this data into governed areas more rapidly to improve productivity.
  • More data sources. SAS Data Loader for Hadoop now provides access to data from more sources using SAS/ACCESS® connectivity. Integration with SAS® Viya™ ensures users the advantages of both SAS 9.4 and the new SAS Viya platform.
  • Cloud-ready. Users can easily bulk move data to remote locations, as well as push to and pull from Amazon (S3 and Redshift) in cloud-based environments, allowing organizations to benefit from SAS® Data Management in more environments than ever before.
  • Improved security and governance. Additional features protect sensitive information, ensure secure collaboration across teams, and provide more comprehensive lineage across the SAS environment, third-party tools, and traditional and big data sources.

“SAS Data Management helps close the skills gap by easing data access and preparation from Hadoop and beyond,” said Ryan Schmiedl, SAS Vice President of Product Management. “By giving business users quick, easy and secure access to data they need, we’re helping organizations become more nimble and competitive.”

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