SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 fills the void for analytically driven, digital marketing

Backed by industry-leading SAS marketing technology, marketers achieve a complete view of their customers

Marketers are scratching their heads. Customer expectations for personalized interactions are skyrocketing, but digital silos hinder effective and agile campaigns. How can companies support customer experiences that are relevant and targeted when they can’t effectively unite digital customer data with offline data such as in-store transactions?

SAS, a leader in marketing technology, fills that need with a new offering to their Customer Intelligence line, SAS® Customer Intelligence 360. It serves as a new digital marketing hub that unites data from all channels to help users make smarter decisions and improve their customers’ experience.

“SAS has a strong history supporting customer intelligence across inbound and outbound channels,” said James Taylor, CEO and Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions. “Smarter, more personalized decisions driven by sophisticated analytics are critical to a better customer experience. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 integrates data from digital channels to improve these analytics and delivers consistent cross-channel decisioning throughout the customer journey.”

“SAS Customer Intelligence 360 offers us a great opportunity to integrate all of our digital channels and combine that data with what we know about our customers’ offline behavior,” said Roman Melcher of dm-drogerie markt, Germany’s largest drugstore chain. “Now we can engage with our customers in real time, and we have all information at our disposal to orchestrate the perfect omni-channel customer journey.”

Fragmented data is an issue plaguing marketers. When email data is housed in one marketing solution, but web behavior interactions are managed in another, for example, marketers lack a complete customer view. And this has led them to lack confidence in their digital marketing capabilities.

SAS’ new offering helps solve this issue. “We built SAS Customer Intelligence 360 as an intuitive digital marketing hub that brings together all available data. It helps marketers meet customers’ needs in real-time,” said Wilson Raj, Global Director of SAS Customer Intelligence. “For example, with integrated data at their disposal, a marketer can immediately send a personalized offer to a customer’s smartphone when they’re near a brick-and-mortar location.”

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 arms marketers for successful customer interactions through:

  • Guided analytics. Building on SAS’ 40 years of analytics leadership, embedded analytical processes make digital marketers smarter and more efficient. Automatic segmentation and self-learning algorithms deliver more context to each marketing interaction.
  • Data freedom. SAS helps marketers access their data when, where and how they need it, so they can use it to make better and faster decisions.
  • One customer across all channels. Omni-channel goes far beyond just email and website. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 links what customers are doing on digital properties with what they’re doing elsewhere, such as in the store or with the contact center. A single view of the customer allows marketers to offer a personalized, relevant customer experience based on past interactions and predictive analytics.
  • Performance insights. Marketers can see vital measures of their success – not only which activities are working, but what content performs best, which customer segments to focus on, and what is the best sequence for an individual customer’s experience.

Initially, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 includes two core modules:

  • SAS 360 Discover provides reporting and insights based on web and mobile behavioral data, and can easily incorporate broader customer information to really go beyond web analytics to understand the behaviors individual customers have as they are interacting with the brand.
  • SAS 360 Engage enables users to create, orchestrate, and optimize digital customer journeys.

Delivered through the cloud via software-as-a-service (SaaS), SAS Customer Intelligence 360 will roll out additional modules and capabilities throughout 2016.

Today's announcement was made at SAS Global Forum, the world's largest analytics conference, with more than 30,000 business and IT users of SAS software participating on-site and online.

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