SAS Analytics & AI Summit 2020

Step up your Data Analytics Game

For the Winners: Turning Data to Decisions

17 March 2020 | Hyatt Regency Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

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If you want to stay ahead in the game in your industry and market, you need a couple of ingredients for success: Endurance, creativity, passion - and world-class analytics to turn them into breakthrough success. 

No matter, what your role is, every day you make decisions that affect your business: From big strategic choices that will shape your organizations future to thousands of necessary everyday operational micro-moments. All decisions, both good and bad, have consequences. Trying to avoid bad choices leads to ineffective decision making, that has significant implications for company productivity. 

On their mission for success, organizations spend a lot of time and money to master the digital transformation. Executives are investing into Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects in the aim to keep their organizations innovative and ahead of the competition. Analysts rely on machine learning (ML) models to turn massive volumes of data into fresh insights and information. However, what the majority of them struggles with, is bringing all these efforts across the finishing line, missing out on the benefits of the much-needed insight and business impact from their analytics. 

Are you aiming to make better decisions, grounded in trusted data and assisted by the power and scale of Analytics? When decisions happen at just the right moment, advancements are set in motion and the world moves forward.

Join us and find out, how operationalizing your analytics at scale will charge your decision processes and eventually becomes your winning formula.

Choose the session of your preference and listen to best practices of experts. Successful execution of an analytics, and thereby AI strategy, needs the right balance of choice and control.


Creativity and innovation flourish in open spaces. You need flexibility and freedom to attract the best analytical talent, use a wide variety of techniques and develop processes that work best. You need the flexibility to use multiple programming languages and analyze any data in any environment and to keep up with accelerating demands.


Analytics chaos can creep up. Once you lose control of your data, you lose trust in the system and its outputs. Transparency, governance and security become essential for maintaining trust in models and analytical results. Becoming even more critical as you scale development, monitoring and refinement of analytics applications and their associated processes.

At the intersection of data, software, and ingenuity, the future is being redefined. After all, when curiosity meets capability, progress is inevitable.


Tuesday, 17 March 
08:00 – 09:00
Registration & Refreshments
09:00 – 09:05
Induction and Welcome Note 
Zafir Junaid - Regional Manager, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, SAS
09:05 – 09:50
Trends 2030
Richard Van Hooijdonk | trendwatcher & Futurist
09:50 – 10:30Winning Tactics to Deliver Gold with your Analytics and AI
Olivier Penel, Data strategist and advisor, SAS Global Technology Practice
Casper Pedersen, SAS Executive Advisor - Data Strategy & Data Privacy
10:30 – 11:00Customer Keynote - Analytics and AI  
11:00 – 11:20A Practical Approach to Trusted AI
Olivier Penel, Data strategist and advisor, SAS Global Technology Practice
11:20 – 11:30
Let’s Plan your European Championship Travels
Casper Pedersen, SAS Executive Advisor - Data Strategy & Data Privacy
11:30 – 12:00Coffee Break
12:00 – 12:40 Panel Discussion:
Aligning AI Initiatives within the Digital Transformation Strategy? Challenges and Achievements?
12:40 – 13:10Centralize your enterprise decisions on a Real-Time Enabled Intelligent Decisioning Fabric
Celal Kavuklu, Head of Business Solutions, Middle East - SAS
13:10 - 13:30Customer Presentation -  Banking 
13:30 - 14:00Use of Analytics/AI/ML in the Public Sector
Joseph Musolino, Global Fraud and Security Intelligence Strategy Lead - SAS
14:00 - 14:30Customer Presentation - Government 
14:30 onwardsNetworking Lunch

Meet the experts

Machine Learning

Analytics Platform

Data Management

Data Governance

Artificial Intelligence

Data Visualization

Open Source & SAS


Hyatt Regency Hotel
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Learn More How You
  • Approach decisions, using data and analytics to drive outcomes. So you can make the right decisions in the moment for every moment, automating and scaling your decisions with powerful and trusted analytics 
  • bring your AI-projects out of the “sandbox” phase 
  • can integrate all your up and running analytics capabilities into your AI capabilities with the help of an analytics platform 
  • bring your machine learning models from the lab to validation, testing and production as quickly as possible while ensuring quality results 
  • increase your focus on risk management and ethics, both crucial for AI adoption and an opportunity for establishing processes and policies for technology governance and risk management, including providing ways to explain how your algorithms deliver results.  

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