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1. Smart City Value Ascension through SAS® Big Data Innovation Lab

The ripening effect of Smart Cities to a great extent is associated with Internet-of-Things and Big Data. Democratizing analytical capabilities using the SAS® Big Data Innovation Lab approach substantially exposes Value into data of Volume, Variety and Velocity to everyone. By turn indispensable insights on City Planning and Operations, Traffic Network and Utility Management would be unearthed to assure the happiness/wellness of the society at large.

2. Text and Social Media Analytics for Governments

Improve situational awareness and gather actionable intelligence, Identify sentiment around key entities or policies by tapping into social media data streams and capturing a flood of new information. Text and social media analytics can create meaningful insights from that data stream – as well as from other unstructured data sources that traditional business analytics and knowledge management solutions can’t access.

3. SAS Enterprise Governance Risk & Compliance (EGRC)

Government organizations and agencies are required to meet higher governance standards by complying with federal directives and operational mandates. They also need to adhere to policies and regulations, and manage their risks effectively. However, the complexity, scale, and scope of these mandates require sophisticated systems to manage multiple initiatives.

SAS EGRC Solution helps you to automate and streamline risk, compliance, policy, and audit management processes across various departments. Our GRC Solution support an integrated approach to managing and mitigating organizational risks, monitoring compliance with standards and regulations, managing policies, and conducting audits.


  • Integrate and manage Risk, Internal Audit and Compliance processes on a centralized platform.
  • Containing Internal Fraud and Improve internal controls
  • Manage Project risk and govern investments
  • Ensure compliance with myriad regulations across multiple geographies within constraints of cost and time
  • Use a standardized, systematic and collaborative approach to manage policies

Create a uniform, integrated view of risk and compliance across the organization.

4. Intelligence for the Connected World

While gathering vehicle information is not new, harnessing it at today’s volumes and velocities and integrating it with information about a car’s operating environment at any given moment is revolutionary. For the first time ever, data from a car, its surrounding vehicles and other external information can be pooled and analyzed to give drivers real-time insights that provide the safest, most informed mobile experience possible. This same information will deliver a new level of value to fleet owners, automakers, partners and suppliers and to cities looking to operate increasingly efficient transportation systems.

5. Approachable Analytics for Government 

Approachable Analytics helps mature government from basic reporting to analytics solutions for proactive decision making. Putting advanced analytics into the hands of key users while enabling a common user experience across the enterprise, saves governments previous time and resources while lowering cost.


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