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Increased consumer demand and competitive dynamics provide organizations a tremendous opportunity as well as a great challenge in creating market differentiation, attracting new & retaining high value customers.

Companies must therefore work towards achieving goals such as excelling in Customer experience, accelerating top line, and improved operational efficiencies. This calls for efficient decision-making, which in turn is bettered by valuable and timely Business insights.

A large amount of historical data is available, however, many organizations are not equipped to leverage this information adequately to understand and plan their business in a scientific, structured and systematic way.

SAS enables you to unearth this valuable information from your systems and provide you with granular insights to let you make the best business decisions in order to deliver premier quality and process efficiency across your enterprise and help you create a world-class business that can boast highest levels of customer satisfaction.

What’s more, our analytics solutions help you better understand concepts pertaining to operational costs, cash flows, and margins. Aligning your operations with budget planning, the solution fosters stringent cost control methods in line with the organization's strategic direction.

We invite you to join us on the 10th of May, for a half day workshop to witness the next generation of analytics and how it can be put to use to solve the most crucial challenges.

The workshop will feature sessions from domain and industry experts on using Analytics for Demand forecasting and planning optimization, Customer intelligence and Omni-channel marketing and Financial Intelligence and profitability optimization, in order to help our organizations to be more competitive, reduce operational costs, increase revenues and optimize profitability and shareholders value.


Event Details

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

8:30 am to 2:00 pm

Burj Al Arab
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Please contact:

Abdelrahman Muneer

Sherif Fathy

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