Keith Collins

Keith Collins

Executive Vice President
& Cloud Executive Sponsor

In his latest role as Executive Cloud Sponsor, Keith Collins is leading the execution of the SAS® Cloud initiative to help companies of all sizes successfully integrate cloud technology into their digital transformation strategy. 

Collins directed Research and Development at SAS for most of his career, including 13 years as Chief Technology Officer. He also spent four years in the field with sales and six years transforming IT in SAS' journey to the cloud.

In an InformationWeek commentary, Collins said, “Big computing at small prices allows companies to look at, and deal with, data in ways not possible before. It's this computational capacity that has the real potential to transform data from a compliance burden into a business asset." He added, “Leaders in each industry are beginning to find real value in unlocking the potential in the data they already have. The insatiable desire to visualize data, recognize patterns and turn data into dollars is being supercharged by high-performance computing.”

Collins has a computer science degree from North Carolina State University and is a founding member of the computer science department’s strategic advisory board. In 2003, the university named him a Distinguished Engineering Alumnus. He also serves as an adviser for Bull City Venture Partners and is a patron of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.


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Keith Collins

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