The Innovator's Flight Plan to AI


The Innovator's Flight Plan to AI

A Tech Leader's Guide to Process Innovation

As an emerging technology, AI is naturally associated with innovation. Many organizations are using AI to develop new products and business models, and to improve their business processes.

In the 2022 AI Momentum Survey, 56% of worldwide executives reported “increased innovation” as a current benefit of their AI deployments. Dr. Iain Brown, Head of Data Science at SAS UK and Ireland, says that “we can expect to see even more innovation, at a larger scale and with bigger results.” The survey findings bear out this prediction, with “increased innovation” as the most frequently cited expected benefit at 43%.

But it’s important to recognize that AI in and of itself doesn’t innovate. Instead, AI enables the innovators – people who are creating flight plans for their organizations. In the same way that a pilot using instruments can fly to more destinations and in more inclement conditions than a pilot relying solely on visuals, so AI enables a wider range of innovation by handling information and tasks in new and more powerful ways.