The Current State of Hadoop in the Enterprise

White Paper

The Current State of Hadoop in the Enterprise

International Institute for Analytics Research Paper

The promise of low-cost, high-availability storage and processing power has drawn many organizations to Hadoop. Yet for many, a central question remains:

How can Hadoop help us with big data and analytics?

Written by the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), this paper presents a broad view of how Hadoop is being adopted and used by global organizations. 

And perhaps most importantly, it lays out specific recommendations that you can take to succeed with big data and Hadoop.

You’ll learn about:

•                    Reasons driving companies to use Hadoop.

•                    Examples of what Hadoop can – and can’t – do.

•                    How Hadoop relates to the enterprise data warehouse structure.

•                    Who benefits most from Hadoop, and what benefits it can deliver.

•                    Ways that data integration, data discovery and analytics add value on Hadoop