White Paper

Banking in 2035: global banking survey report

presented by SAS

From rapidly accelerating digitalization and rising cyberthreats to mounting geopolitical tensions and a worsening climate crisis, banks face risk and uncertainty on many fronts. How will these and other prominent trends redefine banking? How will the industry meet the challenges ahead?

To understand how industry leaders perceive the disruptive forces that will reshape financial services in the coming decade, Economist Impact went straight to the source. In March 2022, the renowned think tank, sponsored by SAS, surveyed approximately 500 banking executives from corporate, commercial, retail and digital banks around the globe.

The Banking in 2035: global banking survey report highlights key insights from the survey. It provides a snapshot of a sector in transition with its leaders contemplating a more conscientious, purpose-driven trajectory. Findings include:

  • 76% of banking executives believe the industry has an obligation to address societal needs and issues, and 79% think the industry should be more engaged in doing so.
  • 82% believe that financial services organizations can simultaneously better society while pursuing profit.

What trends do banking leaders consider to be the greatest risks and the greatest opportunities? What internal and external barriers stand in their way? What technologies will help them harness the opportunities ahead? Download the report to explore.