Sal Gill, P.Eng.
Senior Manager, Digital Strategy & Market Innovation, Energy & Utilities

Sal Gill, P.Eng.
Senior Manager, Digital Strategy & Market Innovation, Energy & Utilities


Energy • Utilities • Oil & Gas


Corporate Strategy • Electric Power Systems • Transactive Energy • Energy Storage • Transmission & Distribution • Renewable Energy • Offshore Wind • Solar PV • Electric Vehicles Integration • Microgrids • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) • DER Management Systems • Electric Utilities • Data Centers • Transportation Electrification • Impact Investing • Climate Change



Sal Gill heads digital strategy and market innovation for SAS’ Energy Division, advising energy and utility companies globally on adapting to the continuously evolving electricity ecosystem transformation. He is also driving the development of breakthrough advanced analytics solutions that deliver solid ROI for customers and partners in the energy sector.

As concepts such as IoT, AI and advanced analytics evolve into endless business capabilities, Sal proactively assists clients in utilizing these monumental shifts to reduce gaps between energy and utility companies and their customers. His most recent innovations in AI have resulted in funding grants and collaborations with major government agencies in North America and Europe for studying applications in utility networks in partnership with major investor-owned electric utilities.

Through holistic consulting services, Sal has developed strategies to help clients optimize capital investment plans and decision-making frameworks, targeting the digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization domains of the industry. Providing strategic decision-making guidance and insights-based advisory services to the senior leadership of the largest brands and government energy agencies in the business, Sal has had an impact on the way our world thinks about the future of energy.

Prior to joining SAS, Sal was Head of Global Business Development for ABB’s consulting division. He also worked as Manager of Strategic Planning for S&C Electric Company, reporting to its executive chairman and CEO, and led Hubbell Inc.'s regional sales management organization in Canada.

Sal holds a BS in electrical and electronics engineering from Marquette University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He also has extensive practical and academic training in advanced power systems from Eaton Corp. and General Electric. Sal has authored several technical and policy papers in the energy industry and is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario, Canada.

Fluent in English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi, Sal has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Canada and the US. He is an avid cricket fan, enjoys kayaking and loves listening to a wide variety of music, especially South Asian Qawwali.

"Working for major multinational energy companies, I have seen firsthand how electricity transforms lives – from bringing power to remote communities to pioneering innovations that will accelerate renewable technologies. As the global community continues to seek alternatives to satisfy our appetite for energy, I am constantly searching for new ideas that take advantage of both the electric grid, known as the largest machine humans have ever built, and the greatest enabler of our time – data analytics." Sal Gill, P.Eng. Sr. Manager, Digital Strategy & Market Innovation, Energy & Utilities US-Based