Mark Lambrecht, PhD

Director, EMEA & APAC Health & Life Sciences

Mark Lambrecht, PhD

Director, EMEA & APAC Health & Life Sciences

Industry Focus

Life Sciences • Health Care


Biological & Patient Data • Clinical Research • Population Health • Personalized Medicine • Health Care & Life Sciences Industry Vision 2040 • Software as Medical Device • Regulatory Impact of Technology • AI • Optimization • Simulation • Text Analytics • Bioinformatics • Statistical Programming in Clinical Trials

Thought Leadership

Mark's Bio

Mark Lambrecht, PhD, Director of the Global Health and Life Sciences Practice, joined SAS in 2005. He leads a senior team focused on the health care and life sciences (HLS) industries, and is responsible for the global health care and life sciences market strategy for SAS.

Mark’s team is taking new SAS solutions for HLS to market and constantly looking for innovation opportunities by identifying customer needs and supporting those needs with repeatable offerings. He speaks regularly at conferences and to customers at all levels in an industry that deals with patient data and is, therefore, strongly regulated. Mark’s interests include the impact of observational patient data, fostering data standards and enabling the industry to share and reuse patient data to find new cures and to benefit all of humanity.

Prior to joining SAS, Mark worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He studied at the KU Leuven in Belgium and at Stanford University in the US, where he worked as a bioinformatics scientist, specializing as a data scientist for high volumes of biological and genomics data using diverse technologies and approaches.

He holds a master’s degree and PhD in bioscience engineering from the University of Leuven, Belgium.

"Analytics, AI and digital options hold tremendous power and potential for the future of health care and life sciences. My whole career in biotech and technology has involved applying science and analytics to research genomes, modernize clinical trials and improve patient outcomes. AI and analytics can help us reach these goals faster. I am passionate about the potential for transformation that data, science, digital health care and AI bring to global health care and life sciences organizations." Mark Lambrecht, PhD Director, Global Health & Life Sciences Practice Belgium-Based