Kathryn (Katie) Tedrow
Senior Global Product Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (AI)



  • Banking
  • Financial Services


AI • Business Intelligence • NLP • Text Analytics • Conversational AI • Chatbots • Data Visualization

"AI has limitless possibilities for every industry. In banking, AI can help stop fraud, reduce risk and enhance the customer experience – and that’s just a start. I'm excited about new and creative ways AI can help solve business challenges and drive decisions. I’m particularly passionate about NLP's potential to help organizations unlock value in unstructured data and create conversational experiences."

Katie Tedrow • Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, AI • US-Based

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About Katie

As a Senior Global Product Marketing Manager for AI at SAS, Katie focuses on all things natural language processing (NLP) – including text analytics, conversational AI and chatbots – as well as business intelligence and visual analytics.

Katie is a strategic marketer who applies creativity, customer focus and evidence-based approaches to drive effective decisions and growth strategies. She has deep experience in B2B and B2C marketing within the professional services, technology and financial services industries. Prior to joining SAS, Katie was a product marketing and digital brand strategy lead at a large financial services company, where she helped to launch the first natural language chatbot for a US bank.

Katie holds a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University and an MBA from the University of Maryland.


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