Joan McGowan
Banking Industry Advisor

Joan McGowan
Banking Industry Advisor


Retail Banking • Corporate & Commercial Banking • Payments


Intersection of Business & Technology Strategy • Application of Advanced Technologies



Joan McGowan is a leading authority on the value of advanced technologies (data analysis, AI, ML, NLU, decisioning, automation, cloud) in the banking and payment industries. For the past 18 years, she has been analyzing the impact of these technologies on business operations and providing practical advice on how to innovate, protect and create growth strategies that keep organizations relevant and financially healthy in a rapidly morphing industry.

Joan is a member of The Financial Times Banking Advisory Events Board.

Prior to joining SAS, Joan worked as a Senior Analyst for Celent/Oliver Wyman. She has published more than 30 reports on banking and technology and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and client gatherings.

Her work life before banking was as a journalist and editor for The Economist Group and as a Senior Researcher/Producer for BBC North.

A native of Leeds, Joan is a lifelong supporter (and sufferer) of Leeds United.

"Working in financial technology is far more intriguing than it sounds. It’s about helping banks protect and support our financial wellness and manage our financial growth. We do this by listening, collaborating, removing barriers and building trusted technology that shortens the path from data to decision – that is one heck of a responsibility." Joan McGowan Banking Industry Advisor US-Based