Jennifer's Bio

Jennifer’s background includes industry and consulting experience within the electric utility industry, with a focus on generation planning, load forecasting, economic analyses and statistical analyses. She enjoys working with customers to solve business problems using advanced analytics – particularly emerging topics pertaining to load forecasting and the challenges of incorporating distributed energy resources on the grid and improving renewable forecasts for the energy needs of the future.

Jennifer is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, and she volunteers as a SAS representative for university career fairs. She is also a spokesperson on behalf of SAS as a female data scientist for the Women’s Initiative Network.

“I work with some of the brightest minds in the utility industry, composed of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. I am inspired by the teamwork that readily forms when solving a business problem for the energy needs of the future. The electric utility industry has many emerging topics requiring advanced analytics to better inform decision making.” Jennifer Whaley Principal Systems Engineer, Energy & Utilities US-Based