Greg Horne
Global Industry Principal, Health Care

Greg Horne
Global Industry Principal, Health Care


Health Care • Public Sector


Payer/Provider • Health IT • Optimization & Flow • Radiology • New Technology • Disrupters • Mental Health • Home Care • Population Health • Screening Programs • AI • Predictive Analytics • IoT • RTLS • HL7 • DICOM • Global Health Care Trends • Value Payments • Triple Aim • Quality & Safety in Care



With a clinical background in radiography, Greg has hands-on experience with the mechanisms of health care at the point of delivery. Throughout his career, he has become familiar with health care systems in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

While working as a radiographer at the University College hospital in central London, Greg developed a passion for creating health systems built on quality and patient outcomes. As a Global Industry Principal for Health Care at SAS, he has the opportunity to work with health care strategy and artificial intelligence in a way that focuses on outcomes as well as cost, quality and other challenges faced by modern health systems. He is considered a thought leader on the future of health care and the introduction of patient-focused technology.

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Greg has witnessed the digitalization of health care from its early steps into clinical information systems through the adoption of PACS and the electronic health record. As a constant agent for change, he has seen firsthand how technology, coupled with clinical engagement, has driven health care toward better outcomes.

As a practitioner of data throughout his career, Greg has used knowledge gleaned from analytics to prove where clinical practice can be made safer and more cost-effective. A true believer in the value of wellness and quality health care for all, he has always been an advocate for whole-person care.

Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in radiography from the University of Southampton.

"Let's talk change and outcomes in health care. How can we drive higher quality? How can health care manage complex interoperability questions? Can we bend the cost curve and continue to meet the overall care need? I welcome the opportunity to discuss how these changes are manifesting and the pivotal role advanced analytics plays across so many data areas – not just health care, but government, education, the environment and other areas of social need." Greg Horne Global Industry Principal, Health Care Canada-Based