SAS® Visual Analytics boosts medical research at BioGrid Australia

Self-service data visualization helps health researchers improve care, outcomes, efficiency

BioGrid Australia is transforming how it facilitates critical medical research, using the advanced visualization and self-service capabilities of SAS® Visual Analytics. With SAS Visual Analytics, which complements BioGrid's existing SAS® Enterprise Guide® platform, BioGrid researchers will gain faster insight into health problems.

BioGrid Australia is an independent, secure research platform and infrastructure. The company provides authorized researchers access to de-identified, real-time clinical imaging and biospecimen data across medical conditions, institutions and jurisdictions.

"BioGrid is a unique platform, where researchers can collaborate on projects to look at trend and treatment data," said Maureen Turner, Chief Executive Officer of BioGrid Australia. "The results will help improve the quality, outcome and efficiency of care for patients suffering from cancer and chronic diseases.

"Researchers have access to a wealth of information from 1.3 million de-identified patients across the platform and more than 80 active research projects at any given time. SAS Visual Analytics will allow rapid exploration of this data, enabling researchers to make more evidence-based decisions that have a direct impact on the health care of Australians."

David Bowie, Managing Director for SAS Australia and New Zealand, said that SAS Visual Analytics makes it easy for anyone in the organization to derive insight from data.

"The interest in SAS Visual Analytics this year has increased exponentially, and the demand has crossed all industries and sectors," Bowie said. "But for an application that has such a significant impact on the lives of Australians, driving health outcomes such as cancer and diabetes management, its value cannot be understated."

Spotting patterns and identifying opportunities quickly, visually

SAS Visual Analytics, an in-memory solution for exploring any amount of data very quickly, reads data into memory for fast processing and data visualization. Users can explore all data, execute analytic correlations on billions of rows of data in just minutes or seconds, and visually present results via Web reports or iPad® and Android tablets.. They can then quickly identify patterns, trends and relationships in data that are not apparent before being graphically displayed.

Since the best way to understand the value of SAS Visual Analytics is by experiencing it firsthand, SAS has created an online environment for customers to try the software. Please visit the new interactive SAS Visual Analytics demo.

Σχετικά με την SAS

Η SAS είναι ο ηγέτης στον τομέα επιχειρηματικού λογισμικού και υπηρεσιών analytics, και ο μεγαλύτερος ανεξάρτητος προμηθευτής στην του business intelligence. Μέσα από καινοτόμες λύσεις της, η SAS βοηθά τους πελάτες σε περισσότερες από 80.000 εγκαταστάσεις, να βελτιώσουν τις επιδόσεις τους και να παρέχουν αξία, λαμβάνοντας καλύτερες και ταχύτερες αποφάσεις. Από το 1976 η SAS δίνει στους πελάτες της σε όλο τον κόσμο THE POWER TO KNOW®.


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