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Hilton Hotel, Cyprus March 21st 2019


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become mainstream and is fueling more and more aspects of businesses and day-to-day life.

Beyond the hype, the question is how data-driven innovation can be brought to life and put in action to resolve real business problems. What steps are needed to move AI out of the lab and into business operations to realize the desired outcomes?

The challenge resides in complex IT landscapes, departmental siloes, and the ability to deploy analytics where needed.

An analytics platform supports and accelerates the entire Analytics Lifecycle from Data to Discovery and Deployment. To succeed with AI, organizations must be able to orchestrate and govern their analytics ecosystem through the entire Analytics Lifecycle.

Come learn how to enable Business, IT and data scientist to collaborate in transforming data into actionable insight and business value, with the right balance between choice and control.

Successful execution of an analytics, and thereby AI strategy, needs the right balance of choice and control.


Creativity and innovation flourish in open spaces. You need flexibility and freedom to attract the best analytical talent, use a wide variety of techniques and develop processes that work best. You need the flexibility to use multiple programming languages and analyze any data in any environment and to keep up with accelerating demands.


Analytics chaos can creep up. Once you lose control of your data, you lose trust in the system and its outputs. Transparency, governance and security become essential for maintaining trust in models and analytical results. Becoming even more critical as you scale development, monitoring and refinement of analytics applications and their associated processes.

At the intersection of data, software, and ingenuity, the future is being redefined. After all, when curiosity meets capability, progress is inevitable.



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09:00 – 09:30

Registration & Morning Coffee

09:30 – 09:40

Welcome Speech

Nikos Peppas, General Manager Greece & Eastern Europe - SAS
Alexia Kanna, Account Executive - SAS

09:40 – 10:30

A story about getting AI out of the lab and into the real world
During this session, you will hear about the path from data-driven innovation to business value, moving analytical insight and capabilities
into day-to-day business operations.
This journey requires a high degree of collaboration between IT, lines of business and data scientists, and a complex analytics ecosystem.
Using a real-life inspired use case, you will be taken on a journey to operationalize analytics
- Striking the right balance between choice and control
- Reconciling the need to foster creativity and curiosity on one side and the need to govern the analytics lifecycle on the other side
- Adopting a deployment strategy that suits the needs of the business

  • Konstantinos Mpahas, Pre-Sales Manager Greece & Eastern Europe - SAS
  • Casper Pedersen, Executive Advisor - Data Strategy & Data Privacy - SAS
10:30 - 10:50

Driving innovation with Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning: Traffic Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Capex Monetization in the Network

  • Stamatis Karathanasis, Director of Professional Services - Analytical View
10:50 - 11:10

Robotic Process Automation - A Path to AI

  • Florin Manole, Director of AI & Analytics - Uipath
11:10 - 11:30

Bringing Customer Analytics at the next level at National Bank of Greece
National Bank of Greece manages the whole analytics life cycle through a single platform “SAS Viya”, which materializing the benefits of governance, collaboration while at the same time complementing the open source world.
Main focus of the speech will be:
- The benefits of an enterprise analytics platform and
- One of the key use cases: the Text Analytics area, a practical application of Natural language processing, machine learning, towards understanding customer feedback and enhancing customer experience

  • Manolis Syllignakis, Head of Retail Banking Customer Analytics & Campaigns - National Bank of Greece
11:30 – 11:50

Coffee Break

11:50 – 12:10
  • Natural Language Processing & Robotics revolutionize the Insurance Sector

Nikos Maroulianakis, IT Manager - Interamerican

12:10 - 12:30

Successful Antifraud Journey with Advanced Analytics - based on cases of leading European Banks

  • Andreas Kitsios, Sr Business Solutions Manager, Fraud and Security Intelligence - SAS Greece and Eastern Europe
12:30 - 12:50

Customer Intelligence in action: personalizing every step of the customer journey

  • Sebastian Dziadkowiec, Manager – Accenture Poland
12:50 - 13:05

Humanity, Ethics & AI

  • Vanja Radivojevic, Assistant Manager Data & Analytics - KPMG Cyprus
13:05 – 13:20

Coffee Break

Panel Discussion: The dynamic of Analytics and the Emerging Role of AI in a fast changing world
13:20 – 14:20
  • George Kousis, Manager Information Technology Services - Bank of Cyprus
  • Vangelis Monochristou, Digital Business Services Manager (Insurance Business) – Bank of Cyprus
  • Panayiotis Dionysiou, Head of IT - C.A.Papaellinas Ltd
  • Dimitris Koniotis, Head of Data & Analytics - Hellenic Bank
  • Panayiotis Andreou, Course Leader of MSc Data Analytics | Assistant Professor in Computing - University of Lancashire

Moderator: Gerasimos Ntouskas, Director, Head of Data & Analytics - KPMG Cyprus


Lunch & Meet the Experts Session

Meet the Speakers & Experts in 1to1 Meetings | 09:30 -15:00

Choose one of the Experts from the list below, based on the Topic you are interested in & gain insights in 1to1 Meetings on Impact of Analytics. The meetings will be held during the day.

Hilton Cyprus
98 Archbishop Makarios III Avenue, 1077
Nicosia, Cyprus

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Why attend?

Learn what is needed to orchestrate the new age of analytics – from data wrangling – through to tangible business results. During the session you will take away how to:

  • Orchestrate an innovation-first and expanding analytics ecosystem
  • Promote collaboration of your talents across business, IT and technical roles
  • Scale and automate repeatable processes to keep pace with changing demands through your Analytics Lifecycle
  • Maintain the right balance between choice and control
  • Scale AI projects to enterprise wide availability leveraging cloud technology and considering compliance and ethics.
  • Interpretability, trust and governance of data regardless the source

There's no fee for the participation. Registration is required to attend.

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