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February 28th
Hilton Cyprus, Nicosia

Demo stations

SAS will provide a wide range of demo stations showcasing our latest achievements. Demos will be presented by SAS Professionals, who will be happy to answer any questions about the technology behind each demo booth

Paradise Found

How do you find the best place in the world? The place where paradisiacal conditions prevail in every respect - which is also the optimal location, the most interesting holiday destination and the most beautiful place to live. This is only possible with machine learning and advanced analytics. The search mechanism is based on more than 5 million data points from 1,124 different data sources. We analyzed 148,233 places in 193 countries using Advanced Analytics based on SAS Viya to find patterns that define the analytically best place in the world

VR Retail Analytics 

Enter the virtual world to see real world examples of how data and analytics can bring better assortment, optimized inventory, effective promotions as well as helps identifying key customers and monitor overall health of the organization. Demonstration includes multiple use cases of SAS analytics illustrated on case of Retail industry.


EU GDPR - Identify, Manage & Monitor Personal Data

The EU General Data Protection Regulation elevates the protection of personal data to a top legal compliance and strategic priority for companies around the world. Getting into effect on May 2018, organizations are required to make a holistic review of their practices regarding the collection, use and protection of personal data as well as address several challenges in order to avoid reputation damage and heavy penalties due to noncompliance.

During this demo session you will have the chance to see first hand how SAS solutions help you identify, manage and monitor sensitive, personal data throughout your business, towards preparation for compliance with external regulations.

SAS® Viya® - a New Generation
Analytical Platform

Experience SAS Viya to see how customers can traverse the complete analytical lifecycle seamlessly with one consistent user experience. Prepare, visualize, analyze data and apply your insights directly to business processes – all of this from one application. This unified approach helps customers reduce uncertainty, enhance accuracy, and optimize analytical efforts to generate greater revenue and/or performance. Viya allows users to easily collaborate with others, everyone is working on the same enhanced data, and new insights are quickly found.