Data Driven Customer Journey

Surprise your customer with a unique & personalized customer experience

Athens, June 29th - gazARTE

Digital transformation changes our way of being and doing business. It is the basis of a radical change that sees in the data its propulsive thrust.

In our days, there is no company that is not engaged in efforts for digitizing business processes to redefine customer experience. But few of them have really understood how systematic data analysis and data management is the key to real time interaction, through the customers’ preferred channels.

It is no longer just about collecting data, it’s about gaining insights that will enable you to provide the best customer experience possible, at the desired place and time.

We are facing a leap of thought that marketers ignore or hold over, lost in our multi-channel strategies, which make us lose the opportunity to create an unprecedented customer relationship.

The Data Driven Customer Journey, through the experts & real companied witness, focuses on the 3 steps needed to implement a marketing strategy driven by data, shifting the focus of marketers from an exclusively multi-channel approach to an orientation based on unique customer journey of every single customer.


Customer journey is a continuous succession of relationship times, an experiential journey through the physical and digital world that needs to be constantly optimized, gathering all the information in the different touch points with the company.


The data left by the customer must be analyzed to respond to his / her wishes in the desired time and ways. The customer must be recognized, through historical data, and identified through his / her requests regardless of the channel he / she used.


Now that we have heard and understood our client's need & we know perfectly what we are facing, we need to give the best answer. Give him a personalized feedback in real-time, anticipating their needs and satisfying his feelings.

Athens, June 29th

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