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 Oh, the things you can do.

Incredible stories that redefine the impact analytics can have on the world.

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Driving costs down 40 percent for auto dealers and lenders.

Canadian financial technology firm TruDecision is using SAS® Viya® to revolutionize the customer acquisition process by performing powerful credit analytics on consumers in real time.

Red locomotive on train tracks traveling through countryside

GE Transportation

On track to make trains smarter and more efficient.

On more than 1,000 locomotives across North America, GE Transportation uses SAS to analyze data streaming from hundreds of sensors that generate a billion data points per second.

We believe that lives can be improved through analytics. It is transformative technology.

Oliver Schabenberger, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer of SAS

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Using AI to calculate the moves of more than 200,000 soccer players.

Partnering with SAS, Dutch sports analytics firm SciSports uses AI and 3-D imaging to help clubs in Europe and Brazil find talent, look for players that fit a certain profile and analyze performance in real time.

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Virginia’s Department of Medical Assistance Services

Tackling the opioid crisis with timely visual data.

Opioid addiction is now considered a public health emergency in Virginia. Data flooding in from across the commonwealth makes it difficult to match patients in crisis with the best providers and services. Using SAS Visual Analytics, the department can review provider data daily, rather than every few weeks. And fill prescriptions in a single day, a process that previously took a month.

Cheetah roaming in grasslands


Protecting endangered species, one footprint at a time.

Around the world, animals continue to be added to the endangered species list. Thankfully, there are organizations like WildTrack, a nonprofit organization using noninvasive techniques to monitor endangered species. With the help of SAS technology, WildTrack can use its collection of data to preserve endangered species and improve conservation efforts. WildTrack’s award-winning analytic application – the Footprint Identification Technique (FIT) – uses SAS to analyze digital footprints of animals to identify these endangered species with at least 90 percent accuracy.

To date, FIT algorithms have been developed for 15 different species, including the black rhino, white rhino, Bengal tiger, Amur tiger, Lowland and Baird’s tapirs and polar bear. This data has been collected to determine the numbers and distribution of species in their respective habitats so that conservation programs can be implemented. Without access to this data, it would be difficult for researchers to find a starting point to see exactly which species need to be monitored.

Father watching disabled child running and smiling, playing with aviator gear

Telethon Kids Institute

Armed with analytics to protect disabled children from being mistreated.

Evidence shows children with disabilities are three times more likely to be maltreated than other children, but that risk varies by type of disability. With the help of SAS Analytics, the institute identified those kids in most need of help and early intervention.

Female university student with backpack smiling

University of Oklahoma

Applying predictive analytics to recruit the best and brightest students.

With the help of predictive analytics from SAS, the university's resulting freshman class was the largest and most academically prepared in its history – with more students ranked No. 1 in their class and more with a 4.0 GPA than ever before.

Telia Denmark

Amplifying GDPR readiness to maintain consumer trust.

Europe’s fifth-largest telco is using SAS for Personal Data Protection. The dashboard makes it easy to report to management about progress in a format that gives at-a-glance insights – and makes a complex task more readily understood.

side view of mother holding baby near blurred shoreline, figures shadowed in black

New Zealand Ministry of Social Development

Putting analytics at the heart of welfare reform.

Social welfare accounts for nearly a quarter of New Zealand’s gross domestic product. Tasked with improving services while spending funds responsibly, the agency transformed its welfare system with the help of SAS Analytics. Smarter targeting of services to struggling youth allows the agency to reduce benefit dependency in the longer term. After just a few years, benefit figures are at a five-year low, with projected savings of $1 billion over four years.

recycling manufacturing site with piles of trash on conveyor belt

Suez Recycling and Recovery

Utilizing machine learning from SAS to improve sales performance.

Netherlands-based waste management company Suez uses machine learning to get a reliable view into customer and prospect data. Both inside and outside sales reps can access up-to-date profiles in real time while talking with customers – and get customized analysis about where to concentrate sales efforts on a daily basis. This creates a unified sales approach that improves customer relationships.

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