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Fighting the Opioid Crisis at the Source: Pharmacies and Physicians

Learn how advanced analytics is being used to fight the opioid crisis on the provider side of the epidemic starting with the source: physicians and pharmacies.


About the webinar

The opioid epidemic is one of the most serious public health issues today. To combat the crisis, organizations and government programs are fighting fraud on two fronts: providers (physicians and pharmacies) and members (individual recipients).

This webinar will explore anti-fraud approaches on the provider side of the epidemic, starting at the source: physicians who prescribe opioids and pharmacies that dispense them. Using real-world examples, SAS’ John Maynard will explore the supply side of the opioid epidemic.

Key questions answered:

  • How can we use advanced analytics for early identification of opioid abuse and the potential for fraud?
  • How can we combine pharmacy and clinical data to get a holistic view of the supply side of the opioid epidemic?
  • How are AI/ML algorithms being used to identify strange behavior? See how this is being done and how analytics makes it possible.

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About the Expert

John Maynard, Fraud and Risk Solutions Specialist, SAS

John Maynard is an expert in fraud and risk, specializing in health care and government. Maynard has worked for nearly 25 years in government. He has a broad background in federal and state programs, including at the local level. A former auditor, Maynard has experience with health care providers, banking, insurance and financial services in the private sector. He has held senior leadership positions in government, and studies and promotes leadership and developing leaders. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and accounting from Otterbein University. He is proud to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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