Marketing Solutions

Extended Marketing Impact

Broaden the reach of marketing's work across the business.

Learn how SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 integrates with other technologies to extend marketing's impact.

How SAS Enables an Extended Marketing Impact

Extend marketing’s impact on the overall customer experience by integrating all customer touch points to drive intelligent decisions across departments and lines of business.

Extensive APIs for broader reach

An extensive API framework supports customer journey orchestration across technologies and channels. SAS supports integrations with over 1,000 certified partners. With SAS, you can create and manage customer journeys in a central location – bringing in channel-specific partner technologies as needed.

AI-powered decisions to extend & improve the customer experience

Artificial intelligence capabilities work behind the scenes to provide additional insight to customer interactions. Decision and engagement engines empower marketers to make decisions quickly and then scale and push those decisions across the organization in real time. The result? Contextually relevant digital engagements.

Data management & analytics scaled across the business

The data that marketers must analyze to make decisions at scale requires a framework that can ingest, join and analyze in seconds. SAS delivers innovative predictive, real-time and AI-based analytics capabilities for extracting real-time, actionable insights from massive business and customer data volumes.

Why choose SAS for an extended marketing impact?

Extend the customer experience beyond marketing

An open and extensible solution allows you to gather analytical customer insights from multiple environments. Pushing these insights to other lines of business and departments rapidly improves customer retention, migration, loyalty and growth. This can’t be done with isolated tactics based on hunches.

Support decisioning across all lines of business

Make intelligent decisions throughout the customer life cycle and across lines of business based on the application of practical AI, a repository of managed models and full decision support systems. Drive iterative customer value while continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of your business – whether sales, service, support or other departments.

Create analytically based customer journeys

With a rich set of tools to support your analytical decisions, marketers and other front-line employees can be confident that the right interactions are being delivered at the right time and with the most appropriate message. Relevant and timely marketing messages have a positive impact on other parts of the organization.

Match your marketing evolution with always-on capabilities

SAS marketing solutions are SaaS-based and developed with continuous delivery methodologies – so you always have the latest software advancements at your fingertips. No more waiting for consulting teams to upgrade your environment when their schedule permits.

Join the art & science of marketing

The SAS hybrid approach bridges the creative and analytical sides of marketing. The orchestration layer of marketing planning, content creative and marketing operations is joined seamlessly with the ability to author and deploy native or open source predictive and prescriptive models.

Extending Marketing Impact With SAS

Want to learn more?

We can help you get started with SAS Customer Intelligence 360. Tell us a little about yourself and a SAS marketing expert will get in touch to learn about your specific needs.

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