SAS Center for Analytics and Government Advancement

Align various agencies and departments to work together to support multiple parallel work streams. And to incrementally and efficiently develop solutions on a timeline that’s right for you. You can educate stakeholders about the value and capabilities of your analytics program. Establish governance and security policies and procedures. And promote broad, cross-agency initiatives to benefit all of your citizens.

The SAS Center for Analytics Excellence and Government Advancement develops advanced analytic solutions and offers technical expertise to help state, provincial and local governments:

  • Provide exceptional citizen services in a more cost-effective way.
  • Take a stand against fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Improve outcomes in public and population health.
  • Make timely, data-driven decisions to protect the public.

State and local governments around the world have made great strides to collect and use their data to make better-informed decisions. But convincing all the stakeholders of the importance of sharing their data and using analytics to guide everyday decision making is not always easy. Technical support and resources are tight and spread across many different agencies. And it’s tough to ensure data standardization and governance.

SAS recognizes the need for technical expertise and guidance about how to engage stakeholders and consistently transform data into an asset that can help you:

  • Make the best possible decisions about how, where and when to invest in programs.
  • Manage your resources optimally.
  • Improve your financial programs, budgets and results – across agencies, divisions and politics.
  • Save money and avoid unnecessary future costs
  • Operate more efficiently.
  • Enhance compliance.

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