SAS Viya Cloud

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SAS® Viya® With SingleStore

SAS Viya with SingleStore promises to deliver ultra-fast insights, reduce infrastructure costs and use cloud-native architecture to improve data-driven performance, lower total cost and enable you to be at the forefront of analytics and decisioning. When included and integrated into SAS Viya, the SingleStore database will reduce data movement complexities and expedite analytics processing. You can store data in a high-performance, secure SingleStore database for easy access and deploy it on-premises, or in a hybrid or public cloud, enabling you to run analytics anywhere.

Boemska Technology Integration

Integrating Boemska into SAS Viya will significantly reduce your cost for cloud analytics and improve portability of models into mobile and enterprise apps.

Customer Success

Look Who's Working Smarter With SAS® Viya®

Predicting maintenance issues & minimizing downtime

Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks are using SAS to predict maintenance issues and minimize downtime by applying advanced analytics and AI to sensor data.

Transforming the consumer banking experience through advanced analytics

CIMB Singapore uses SAS Viya to get a 360-degree view of customers, unlocking valuable insights for holistic decision making. This has led to improved customer engagement and more revenue opportunities.

Gaining the flexibility to grow quickly without overburdening internal structures

Fintech company auxmoney is saving resources and gaining flexibility and scalability with risk management in the SAS Cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Improving customer interactions with pattern recognition

SAS helps health insurer Techniker Krankenkasse build innovative pattern recognition capabilities, using the modular, open architecture of SAS Viya for faster analyses and enhanced flexibility.

Strengthening the fight against antimicrobial resistance via data visualization

SAS is helping global in vitro diagnostics leader bioMérieux, Inc., revolutionize antimicrobial stewardship and empower informed clinical decision making, enabling life-saving innovation for better patient outcomes.