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Toshiba & SAS

The Toshiba and SAS alliance empowers retailers to make faster connections with their customers wherever and however they shop. Toshiba can embed SAS' advanced analytics products, such as SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS® Visual Statistics, into its loyalty management systems, allowing retailers to uncover insights that help them recognize and react to trends through real-time data visualization.


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Toshiba is committed to delivering a seamless and pleasant shopping experience for shoppers everywhere. Through our collaboration with SAS, well-known as an industry leader for powerful analytics solutions, Toshiba is further empowering its retail customers to more effectively curate both a personalized and real-time shopping journey for each customer that transcends a multitude of channels.
Patricia Pepper
Vice President of Worldwide Services, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions



Andy Bagwell
 Business Development


Michael Schaefer
Business Development